What is Our Goal?

According to Cisco’s annual forecast of internet trends, more than 6 billion devices will be
embedded in our homes by 2021, and several billions more will be available throughout the
offices, hospitals, factories, and stores. Those machine‐to‐machine devices will represent 51%
of all internet‐connected devices at the end of that forecast period, Cisco foresees.

Our goal is to create an information platform where IoT consumers can reach the latest Internet of Things news and, at the same time, can initiate discussions about their privacy, security, and experiences while using the IoT devices at their smart homes, in the smart cities, on their bodies as wearables, in the smart offices, hospitals, factories, and in the connected world.

IoT4us is the advocate of the IoT consumers; whether industrial or individual, where they can ask questions, find answers, share security and privacy concerns, and the most importantly, feel that all their voices heard.

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IoT consumers, Industrial Revolution 4.0 has already been arrived.

Let’s understand it together, let’s support each other to make sure it comes with all the goodness.

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